Menubar Countdown

If you have any questions about or problems with the Menubar Countdown application, please add a comment here, or send email to

How to feedback enhancements to your code

I've been tinkering with the Menubar Countdown source this evening (my first ObjC/Cocoa hacking!). I'm interested for now in making the display of hours optional as the seconds currently are, possibly further small features in the future (I'm particularly interested in implementing timer presets).

Two questions come to mind:
1) Would you be interested in accepting such a feature(s) into the app?
2) If so, what would be the best way to feed back such changes to you (eg., github, your own git/svn/hq/bzr/whatever repo, etc)?

Most of all, thanks for such a nice, simple, functional and open source timer!

Emmanuel Gomez
emmanuel dot gomez at gmail dot com

Applescript support?

As I have been continuing to use Menubar Countdown, there is one feature that I would like to see implemented: Applescript support for initiating (& pausing) the countdown. I would love, for example, to be able to use an Applescript to say something like "start new countdown with "10" minutes and "30" seconds" (or some such language) and have MBC immediately begin that countdown. This would enable users to make use of MBC with hotkeys or their launcher of choice (Quicksilver, Launchbar, Butler, etc).


I want to support AppleScript. Just don't know when/if I'll have time to do it.

One-click start and presets

I’d like to second the above requests for a one-click start/pause and for easier presets.

I would envision clicking the menu bar item to start or pause it, command-clicking to reset it, and option-clicking to change settings, add presets, etc.

I see what you mean, Kristopher, that from a big-picture perspective, it would add complexity. However, I think for everyday use it would be simpler and more intuitive.

Presets would also be great—I would also love to make Pomodoro and GTD 2-Minute Rule presets!

multi-day countdown

I am looking for a menu bar countdown timer to a specific date (like "51 days to christmas" or something). I used to use 'Countdown' but it won't launch in 10.5 :-( Any hope?


To keep the app simple and focused, I've decided not to add a feature like you propose.

Not yet, anyway. :)

Menubar preference?


Would it be possible to add an option to choose where the countdown is placed in the menubar?

When using Microsoft Word for Mac (for example) the countdown is completely hidden by Word's Menubar. So would it be possible to position the countdown to the right?


Unfortunately, no. Apple's built-in menubar items (Spotlight, clock, etc.) always go on the right, and the menubar items of applications like Menubar Countdown go to the left of those. Apple doesn't provide any way for an application to put its stuff on the right side.

All I can recommend is that you eliminate some of those other icons. Most can be hidden via System Preferences.

Pref pane?

iStat menu items integrate well with the rest of the system/Apple menubar items. Perhaps you could modify Menubar countdown into a preference pane rather than a regular app that makes use of the menubar? I don't know about the complexities involved with such a switch, but if iStat can do it... Being able to change the location of Menubar Countdown would be a very nice touch.

Good idea

Hadn't thought about implementing it as a pref pane. I'll look into that.

Feature Requests: Growl Notification Time and Presets

I sometimes need to step away from my Mac while the timer is running to find it finished on my return. It would be helpful if Growl reported not only the timer's completion, but what time it completed.

Second, I use the timer for multiple events throughout the day. A preset function would be helpful, where I could select a saved timer configuration from the main menu, rather than having to manually set the parameters every time.

Thank you!


Is Menubar Countdown compatible with Snow Leopard? If so; will it be 64-bit?

Yes, Menubar Countdown works with Snow Leopard

Menubar Countdown 1.2 works with both 10.5.x (Leopard) and 10.6.x (Snow Leopard).

It is not a 64-bit application, and there are no immediate plans to make it such.

Menubar Countdown

Though I have taken mcse studies and a good user of Microsoft applications but new Apple made me think, I need Mac os training as rivals are about to finish Microsoft’s monopoly .

Countdown that stops when computer goes to sleep?

I was surprised to see that my countdown was interrupted when I got my MacBook lid closed and started from that same place it was sent to sleep. To my mind, this application should count the time since moment A, and should not think that time stops when the computer is having some rest ;)

Maybe, it should be specified somehow in application's Preferences, how going to sleep should be treated?


Sorry, the countdown timer only runs while the computer is on.

I may change this in a future release, but things get complicated fast. If the timer survives sleep, should it also survive reboots, application restarts, and other interruptions? If you change the system clock while the timer is running, what should happen then? I decided to avoid these issues, to keep Menubar Countdown simple.

Preference for Countdown time and Announcement text?


It seems the default countdown time is set to 25 minutes... You wouldn't happen to use the Pomodoro technique would you? ;) I do too, which is one of the reasons why I looked for something like this (even though there is a dedicated pomodoro app...).

But I also use the GTD 2 minute rule, so I: duplicated your app and changed the bundle names so I can run two at once side by side.

It would be nice if each had it's own pref and remembered it's own countdown time and announcement text... But they both seem to use the same preference. Do you know how I could accomplish separate prefs? Could I just edit something else in the plist?

Thanks for any ideas and the good software.

Nevermind. Figured it out.

Just needed to edit the bundle identifier as well as the bundle name... All set.

feature request: alternate timer for pomodoro breaks

i'm also using this app for pomodoro technique. it would be great if i could define two alarms and alternate between them. 25min, 5min, repeat. some polish would be to define two separate tones for each.

Good idea

I'll think about this. I've wanted to stay away from the idea of having multiple defined timers, due to the complexity, but maybe I could live with exactly two timers.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Future request

Good tiny app! I love it.
I hove a few requests.
1. Growl support.
2. Countdown repeat (when countdown times up, then countdown will restart automaticaly)

Thank you.

Growl support will be in

Growl support will be in version 1.2. (I just implemented it yesterday, in fact.)

I'll think about countdown repeat, but that might have to wait for version 1.3 or later. Can you give me an example of how you would use this feature?

Suggestion: One click quick start mode

Very useful little app. While there are some other great timers out there, some with oodles of features, it's never made sense to me to have to open another app or dashboard widget just to run a regular timer. Having it in the menu bar is much more convenient. BUT, may I suggest considering a "quick start mode" in the sense of just clicking the timer once in the menu, hit start, and then it starts, thus skipping the Menu Countdown Settings screen? Of course, you'd also still need to retain normal mode, but for repetitive timers where there's no need to change the options each time, it would be very useful.

Thanks for the suggestion

As currently implemented, starting the timer again with the same settings as last time requires only selection of the "Start..." menu item and then clicking the "Start" button in the Settings dialog. The "quick start mode" might eliminate one of those steps, but I'm not sure the additional complexity of a new mode makes it worthwhile. I'll think about it.

Feature Request: hotkey start

Could you provide a universal (customizable, if need be, to prevent conflicts) hotkey to start the countdown? Or perhaps even creating applescriptable interaction? I prefer to use the keyboard as much as possible, so I would like to reduce/eliminate the actual mousing up to click through the steps to start if possible. Thanks.

Services menu

I plan to add support for Start and Stop items in the Services menu, which can have hotkeys configured for them in Snow Leopard.

I'd like to add support for AppleScript too, but that won't happen any time soon.

Hotkeys via Services menu

Just wanted to let you know I’m looking forward to this feature, too. Thanks!

other sounds

it would be great to let it play something other than the system sound.

but great app,


Growl may grant your wish

Version 1.2 of Menubar Countdown supports Growl. You can configure Growl to play whatever sound you'd like.